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Table 2 Somatic mutation and interacting residues in antibodies of VH5–51 and VH1–84 lineages

From: Deciphering evolution of immune recognition in antibodies

Germline lineage PDB ID VH mutation Interacting residues on H-chain
V H 5–51 4NRX Q1, V24, A30, E32, K58, I68, N76, I89 S31, W33, D54, D56, Y100C, R100F, T100G
4HWB V51, Y58 S32, D56, S57, R60, N102, W34
V H 1–84 2OK0 V2, E5, E6, M33, L36, R37, K39, V51, I56, D65, A71, I77, V78, H81, D85, N87,T92 N35, G98
1YJD V2, T16, R19, E23, S31, H35, C50, N55,V56, N59, D65, I71, R85, M86, T97 S31,Y101, G102, D104
3BT2 V2, K3, V11, S28,N31, F32, H35, F52, H52A, D55, E58, D65, A70, Y33, W50, D55, N56, T57, E58