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NMR and spectroscopy

This section incorporates all aspects of the structural analysis of biological macromolecules using techniques in spectroscopy including but not limited to: studies incorporating substantial analysis by NMR and/or Infrared spectroscopy.

  1. The post-translational modification pathway referred to as pupylation marks proteins for proteasomal degradation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other actinobacteria by covalently attaching the small protein Pu...

    Authors: Jonas Barandun, Fred F. Damberger, Cyrille L. Delley, Juerg Laederach, Frédéric H. T. Allain and Eilika Weber-Ban
    Citation: BMC Structural Biology 2017 17:1
  2. CASKIN2 is a neuronal signaling scaffolding protein comprised of multiple ankyrin repeats, two SAM domains, and one SH3 domain. The CASKIN2 SH3 domain for an NMR structural determination because its peptide-bi...

    Authors: Jamie J. Kwan and Logan W. Donaldson
    Citation: BMC Structural Biology 2016 16:14
  3. PcrV is a hydrophilic translocator of type three secretion system (TTSS) and a structural component of the functional translocon. C-terminal helix of PcrV is essential for its oligomerization at the needle tip...

    Authors: Abhishek Basu, Urmisha Das, Supratim Dey and Saumen Datta
    Citation: BMC Structural Biology 2014 14:5
  4. Many biologically active compounds bind to plasma transport proteins, and this binding can be either advantageous or disadvantageous from a drug design perspective. Human serum albumin (HSA) is one of the most...

    Authors: Annfrid Sivertsen, Johan Isaksson, Hanna-Kirsti S Leiros, Johan Svenson, John-Sigurd Svendsen and Bjørn Olav Brandsdal
    Citation: BMC Structural Biology 2014 14:4
  5. Retroviral integrases (INs) catalyze the integration of viral DNA in the chromosomal DNA of the infected cell. This reaction requires the multimerization of IN to coordinate a nucleophilic attack of the 3’ end...

    Authors: Daniel R Henriquez, Caifeng Zhao, Haiyan Zheng, José J Arbildua, Mónica L Acevedo, Monica J Roth and Oscar Leon
    Citation: BMC Structural Biology 2013 13:14